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Affordable Used Engines From SWEngines

Used Audi Engines


Used Audi Engines engines



Whoever said good things come in small packages was probably talking about Audi. For such a compact engine, the used Audi engines are particularly powerful in performance. Over 40 used Audi engines are currently in stock at SW Engines.


Take a look at our list and you'll see we carry everything from the 100, 200 and 4000, to the Quattro S6, TT and Allroad Audi models. Audi engines range from four to eight cylinders (including five cylinders) and from 1.8 liters to 8 liters, depending on the model. Turbo engines are available as well.

Why SWEngines?

  • One of the Nation's Biggest Inventories of Used Engines.
  • All Engines Endorsed with the Finest Warranties.
  • Each Engine is Thoroughly Cleaned, Tested and Inspected.
  • Experience You Can Trust.


Finding your own engine should be simple and easy. JUST use the search feature at the top of this page to get connected with the precise engine you need right now.

Pledge of Quality

  • Our Engines are stored Indoors away from the elements.
  • Each used engine we ship is tested to the hilt for performance.
  • Your Satisfaction is our Highest Goal.

Advantages of Buying Engines from SWEngines

  • The Best Price and Quality.
  • Getting the Right Engine for your Car.
  • Top Tier Warranty.
  • Vast Inventory to find the Right Used Engine you need.
  • Free Shipping to Anywhere in the 48 Continental United States.

Keep driving your car for years to come with a used engine from SWEngines. Contact us today at 1-866-319-1058 to talk to an expert.

Used 100 Engines

5-Cyl. 2.3 Liter | V6 2.8 Liter | 

Used 200 Engines

5-Cyl. 2.2L Turbo | 

Used 4000 Engines

4-Cyl. 1.8 Liter | 5-Cyl. 2.2 Liter | 

Used 5000 Engines

5-Cyl. 2.2 Liter | 5-Cyl. 2.2L Turbo | 5-Cyl. 2.3 Liter | 

Used 80 Engines

4-Cyl. 2.0 Liter | 5-Cyl. 2.3 Liter | 

Used 90 Engines

4-Cyl. 2.0 Liter | 5-Cyl. 2.3 Liter | V6 2.8 Liter | 

Used A4 Engines

4-Cyl. 1.8L Turbo | V6 2.8 Liter | V6 3.0 Liter | 

Used A6 Engines

V6 2.7 Liter Turbo | V6 2.8 Liter | V6 3.0 Liter | V6 3.2 Liter | V8 4.2 Liter | 

Used A8 Engines

V8 3.7 Liter | V8 4.2 Liter | W12 6.0 Liter | 

Used allroad Engines

V6 2.7 Liter Turbo | V8 4.2 Liter | 

Used Cabriolet Engines

V6 2.8 Liter |  | 4-Cyl. 1.8 Liter | 

Used GT Engines

5-Cyl. 2.2 Liter | 5-Cyl. 2.2L Turbo | 

Used Quattro Engines

5-Cyl. 2.3 Liter | V8 3.6 Liter | V8 4.2 Liter | 

Used RS6 Engines

V8 4.2L Bi Turbo | 

Used S4 Engines

5-Cyl. 2.2L Turbo | V6 2.7 Liter Turbo | V8 4.2 Liter | 

Used S6 Engines

5-Cyl. 2.2L Turbo | V8 4.2 Liter | 

Used S8 Engines

V8 4.2 Liter | 

Used TT Engines

4-Cyl. 1.8L HO Turbo | 4-Cyl. 1.8L Turbo | V6 3.2 Liter |