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SWEngines is probably the #1 engine supplier anywhere in the United States – period. Of course I know we are saying this about ourselves but it’s just the truth. We supply a better product with a better warranty with the best service and we know it. We have literally spent years and thousands of dollars to get it right – which is what we strive for, getting it right. 

At SWEngines, we know that the purchase of a replacement engine is not the most favorite thing to do with your hard earned money.  We also know that not having the use of your vehicle for several days or weeks can put quite the kink into your work and life schedule.  Most of us do not anticipate having a blown car engine.  With this in mind, we feel passionate about getting you back in your truck, car, or SUV with a motor that gives you the peace of mind that you have increased the life of your vehicle and saved a ton of money doing so. 

You might notice the distinct lack of a "cheapest price anywhere" banner on this site as well as no claim that will guarantee 1-2 day shipping of your engine.  We simply won't make empty promises to get customers.  We run an honest business because we know that is the only way to get it right.